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BREAKING: Robbery at Sunoco, Kenlake Ave - Suspect at Large
Nov 25 2014 4:42 PM By Tom Lemons
SPRING HILL – Just after 3:30 p.m. Deputies responded to the Sunoco gas station, at the intersection of ...

Car Plunges into Drainage Ditch Commercial Way
Nov 25 2014 4:28 PM By Tom Lemons
SPRING HILL – No one was injured, after a white Lincoln plunged into an overflowing drainage ditch, at ...

Man Charged with Burglary and Battery - Says He Was Owed Money
Nov 25 2014 3:18 PM By Tom Lemons
SPRING HILL – Deputies responded to 10289 Clyburn Street yesterday, after reports of a burglary in progress at ...

Suspect Says "I'm Innocent... Not O.J. Simpson Innocent..."
Nov 24 2014 8:01 PM By Tom Lemons
SPRING HILL – Last Sunday we reported the arrest of 37-year-old Paul Salvatore DiMartino, who is charged with ...

"Unclear" Travel Destinations Prompted Last Night’s Hazmat Response
Nov 24 2014 3:05 PM By Tom Lemons
HERNANDO – County Public Information Officer, Virginia Singer, released a statement today, explaining why emergency officials took such ...

BREAKING: Hazmat Responds to Sick Patient Who Traveled Abroad
Nov 23 2014 8:48 PM By Tom Lemons
SPRING HILL – A Hazmat team responded to a home on Delbarton Street this evening, after receiving information ...

Fire Damages Mobile Home - State Fire Marshal to Investigate
Nov 23 2014 3:26 PM By Tom Lemons
MASARYKTOWN – Firefighters are on the scene of a structure fire at 70 Husek Street. All occupants escaped ...

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