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Still No Word From Officials, As Massive Search Continues
Jan 27 2015 2:49 PM By Tom Lemons
BROOKSVILLE – One day after authorities began searching several acres of land, along B W Stevenson Road, officials ...

Rep. Nugent Concerned with Nat. Sec., Questions Pres. Obama’s Leadership (RNRF Exclusive)
Jan 26 2015 8:35 PM By Tom Lemons
HERNANDO – We caught up with U.S. Rep. Rich Nugent, during an event Saturday in Spring Hill, where ...

Officials Tight Lipped on Search, M.E., Cadaver Dogs, Sonar Device on Scene
Jan 26 2015 12:19 PM By Tom Lemons
BROOKSVILLE – RNRF responded to 7479 – 7485 B.W. Stevenson Road this morning, after a viewer tip led ...

More Shots Fired Rattle Nerves of Spring Hill Residents
Jan 25 2015 5:21 PM By Tom Lemons
SPRING HILL – Deputies searching for the person or persons who fired several shots from an unknown type ...

And This Year’s Hernando County Teacher of the Year is...
Jan 25 2015 2:01 PM By Tom Lemons
SPRING HILL – Hundreds of local teachers and community leaders filled the ballroom at Silverthorn Country club last ...

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